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Please be advised that as a result of public health measures in New York, we are currently not taking bookings for this tour. Please ensure you are opted into our emails and we will keep you updated. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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A riveting evening of mind-blowing, interactive magic, hosted by magician Steve Cohen.  Take part in this unusual and perfect magic show experience in NYC's most gorgeous luxury hotel, the Lotte New York Palace.

Chamber Magic, Steve Cohen’s dazzling live show, performed weekly in an elegant salon in the Lotte New York Palace hotel, features conjuring, mind-reading, sleight of hand, and an astonishing trick called Think-A-Drink. A celebrity favorite, Cohen baffles his guests with magic up close as he recreates parlor entertainment that characterized Manhattan in the early 20th century.

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Guests are invited into an elegant salon in the legendary New York Palace, dressed to impress in cocktail attire. The adults-only audience for each performance is limited to 60 people, guaranteeing each guest an intimate view of every mystifying maneuver.

Come see why Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic has confounded the likes of Warren Buffett, Stephen Sondheim, the Queen of Morocco, and Woody Allen, who called the show “a religious experience.” Now, discover NYC’s most magical night for yourself! Click 'buy now' to ensure you don't miss this unforgettable experience!