Barrymore Theatre

243 West 47th Street, New York [Map]

The Band's Visit

Run Time: 90 Minutes, No Intermission

MEMBER: THE BROADWAY COLLECTION The Band’s Visit is the winner of 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, making it one of the most Tony-winning musicals in history.

In this delightfully offbeat story, set in a town that’s way off the beaten path, a band of musicians arrive lost, out of the blue. Under the spell of the desert sky, and with beautiful music perfuming the air, the band brings the town to life in unexpected and tantalizing ways. Even the briefest visit can stay with you forever.

With a score that seduces your soul and sweeps you off your feet, and featuring Tony-winning performances and thrillingly talented onstage musicians, The Band’s Visit rejoices in the way music makes us laugh, makes us cry, and ultimately, brings us together.

“A funny fish-out-of-water comedy with offbeat charm.” – The Washington Post

“Joyous, fresh and happy! It’s the best thing in town.” – The Observer

“One of my favorite musicals of all time!” – Rolling Stone

“Sheer musical joy! When you leave, you may even find?the gray, noisy Manhattan outside the theater a little bit magical.” – The Village Voice

“The music transports you to a place both exotic and touchingly familiar.” – The New York Times

“The exuberant score is brought to life on stage by stellar actor-musicians and world-class instrumentalists.” – New York Magazine

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